Step into the Puping Data (PDG) data center 3:31

Invests in, develops and operates data center infrastructure in Asia's dynamic digital economy markets, including China, Singapore, India, Indonesia and Japan。We have 20 data centers in 14 cities in these five countries and will actively expand more projects to help the world's largest Internet companies and enterprises unlock their growth potential。Take a look at our existing and planned data centers across Asia that are neutral to telecom operators and cloud providers。

JB1 Jakarta tower of bean | PDG data center 1:41

The JB1 project is located in a thriving satellite community with a well-developed growth strategy and is an ideal data center hub for very large companies and enterprises。

JC1 Jakarta cheese than building | PDG data center 1:40

JC1 is located in the emerging cloud data center hub, with reliable power supply, to meet customers' business needs with its own advantages。

BD1 bandung | PDG data center 1:40

The city where THE BD1 project is located is a thriving entrepreneurial capital, directly connected to the city's technology hub, serving very large companies and corporations。

PE1 north dry subaru | PDG data center 1:49

Located in the heart of Sumatra, THE PE1 project supports the development and expansion of very large companies and enterprises in the region。

SB1 surabaya | PDG data center 1:49

Located in Indonesia's second largest city, SB1 is an important alternative to Jakarta and serves the resource needs of eastern Indonesia。