Japan is the world's third-largest economy and a world leader in technological innovation, spawning multinational companies in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning。Digitalization has been listed as the government's priority in the coming years, pushing Japan's digital transformation to new heights。

In addition, public cloud is still in the early stage of rapid development, and Japan will be the key market and high growth market for the world's super large Internet companies。

Our Japanese data center is located in Saitama City, north of Tokyo。

Tokyo, saitama

Saitama City is located in the north of Tokyo, 30 km from the center of Tokyo, and is one of the commercial centers around Tokyo, suitable for providing resources to Saitama, northern Kanto and northeastern Honshu。

Our data center covers an area of 33,047 square meters, the overall scale of 97MW, there are two data center rooms。The stable power grid and perfect network facilities in Tokyo and its surrounding areas make it an ideal choice for super-large Internet companies and cloud enterprises in Tokyo and its surrounding areas。Our data center is located in a mature town with excellent transportation facilities directly to the CENTRAL business District, as well as multiple high-speed and high-speed rail links to Tokyo and several major airports。

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As a pan-Asian service provider, we are adept at deploying large data centers and have extensive operational experience in several major Asian economies。With our help, customers can safely develop their business in Japan without any worries。

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Meet current and future development needs。Our data center is located in a promising cluster in Saitama City。Because of the land, our data center can not only meet the initial needs of customers, but also provide follow-up expansion plans。

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