Supplier Code of Conduct

1. Purpose

沙巴体育网址(简称“PDG”)致力于在法律上开展业务, ethical and socially responsible manner. 沙巴体育正规网址希望与沙巴体育正规网址有商业往来的每一个人都能有类似的原则性行为.

This Supplier Code of Conduct (or the “Code”) sets forth the basic requirements that we ask our Suppliers to respect and adhere to when conducting business with or on behalf of PDG.

2. Applicability

供应商应包括服务提供者, vendors, manufacturers, dealers, traders, agents, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, 合资伙伴或与之有业务关系的其他第三方, sell, seek to sell, provide, seek to provide, any kind of goods or services to PDG.


供应商还应确保本守则由其管理人员编制, directors, employees, agents, 分包商及其他代表.

3. Principles

Business Integrity

  • Anti-bribery and corruption:
    • Suppliers shall comply with all applicable domestic and foreign anti-bribery or anti-corruption laws and regulations including, without limitation, the U.S. 美国1977年通过的《沙巴体育正规网址》.K. 《沙巴体育正规网址》和《沙巴体育网址》(第241章).
    • Suppliers shall not engage in corruption, 贿赂或任何活动,包括为促进要约而采取直接或间接行动, payment, 承诺支付或授权支付任何有价值的东西, including but not limited to cash, checks, wire transfers, tangible and intangible gifts, favours, services, and those entertainment and travel expenses that go beyond what is reasonable and customary and of modest value, to:
      • 行政人员政府部门、机构或机构的行政人员、官员、雇员或代理人,
      • a director, officer, 全部或部分由政府拥有或控制的公司或企业的雇员或代理人,
      • 政党政党或其官员,或政治职位的候选人,或
      • an executive, official, employee or agent of a public international organization (“Government Official”) or any other person; while knowing or having a reasonable belief that all or some portion will be used for the purpose of rewarding or:
        • influencing any act, 政府官员以其官方身份作出的决定或不作为,
        • inducing a Government Official to use his or her influence with a government or instrumentality to affect any act or decision of such government or entity,
        • inducing any person to use his or her influence to improperly affect any act or decision of such their employer, or
        • securing an improper advantage; in order to obtain, retain, or direct business.
    • Suppliers shall ensure that no part of the payments received by them (whether compensation or otherwise) from PDG will be used for any purpose that could constitute to violation of any applicable laws.
  • Gifts and entertainment:
    Suppliers shall not accept / offer on behalf of PDG or offer to PDG’s employees any kind of gifts or personal benefits (monetary or otherwise) which could be perceived as a bribe. In all cases, gifts or entertainment shall not be accepted or offered to improperly influence any business relationship and must not violate applicable laws or ethical standards.
  • Conflict of interest:
    利益冲突是指供应商拥有任何利益(财务利益)的情况, personal or otherwise) with any employee / staff of PDG; which could potentially damage PDG’s interest. 任何此类情况都需要向PDG管理层披露. If a Supplier becomes aware of an actual, 可能影响其为PDG工作或与PDG合作的潜在或感知的利益冲突, 应视情况立即通知PDG, 建立适当的机制来管理利益冲突的情况.
  • Competing fairly:
    PDG相信有价值的自由市场体系, quality, price, 而其他客观方面则是开展业务时的决定因素:

    • Suppliers of PDG shall refrain from any unfair competition under applicable anti-trust and competition laws and regulations, 无论是个人还是通过其他实体或个人.
    • Suppliers shall compete honestly, 公平,决不参与反竞争行为,如串通价格或串通投标. Further, 供应商不得签订任何协议, formally or informally, to unlawfully restrict competition.
  •  反洗钱和其他经济犯罪:
    PDG对洗钱行为采取零容忍政策, 恐怖主义融资或其他类似犯罪.

    • 供应商应遵守适用的法律, 关于洗钱和恐怖主义融资的规则和标准, 遵守这些规定的字面和精神.
    • 供应商不得从事或被怀疑从事非法或不道德的活动.
  •  Trade controls:
    供应商应了解并遵守适用的进出口管制, economic sanctions and anti-boycott laws and shall refrain from carrying out any activities which may reflect as violation of these sanctions and laws by themselves or PDG. 此外,供应商不得参与任何其他限制性贸易行为.
  • Confidentiality:
    • 供应商应考虑所有收到/访问的与PDG有关的信息, its business, affiliates, projects, vendors, clients and other third parties as confidential information and shall not disclose the same without prior written consent from PDG.
    • Suppliers shall apply reasonable security measures to protect confidential information from unauthorised and unlawful access, use, disclosure, alteration, loss, damage and destruction.
    • Suppliers shall handle and disclose the confidential information that they obtain during their relationship with PDG, 只有在PDG授权和指示以及适用法律法规要求的情况下.
    • 如果供应商认为其错误地获得了机密信息, 供应商应立即通知PDG此类访问, 并且避免进一步传播这一信息.
  •  Data protection:
    Supplier shall comply with all applicable Data Protection and Information Security laws and regulations.
  • Intellectual property rights:
    Suppliers shall ensure that they do not infringe on any intellectual property rights or copyrights of PDG.
  • Insider trading:
    供应商不得从事内幕交易或支持内幕交易. In addition, Suppliers may not induce anyone, by giving advice or in any other manner, to undertake such insider trading.
  • Financial controls:
    Suppliers are expected to:

    • Keep accurate, complete, fair, timely, transparent, 并可理解的财务和业务账簿, records, and accounts, 还有一个有效的内部记录系统.
    • Create, retain and dispose of business records in accordance with applicable legal and contractual requirements.
  •  PDG name and brand:
    Suppliers shall not use the name of PDG, PDG’s logo, or the name or logo of any division, subsidiary or project of PDG or PDG’s trademarks and service marks without the prior written approval of PDG.

Standards for Responsible Supply Chain
《沙巴体育网址》纳入了人权方面的标准, labour rights and environmental, and anti-corruption principles as set out in the UN Global Compact – which is derived from the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, 国际劳工组织《沙巴体育正规网址》, 里约热内卢环境与发展宣言, and the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


  • Legal and compliance:
    供应商的运作应符合所有适用的环境要求, labour, 以及他们经营的国家的反腐败法律和法规, manufacture or conduct business.
  • Environment:
    Suppliers with significant environmental impacts shall maintain an effective environmental policy and/or environmental management system that supports environmental protection, 防止污染,审慎管理自然资源. Suppliers shall reduce the impact of their products and services on the environment and on communities and make reasonable efforts to meet industry best practice and standards with respect to the reduction of and reporting about energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Freely chosen employment:
  • Child labour avoidance:
    Suppliers shall not employ children under the age as defined by the International Labour Organization conventions or by national law whichever is highest.
  • Non-discrimination:
    Suppliers shall provide equal opportunity and advancement opportunities for all employees regardless of age, colour (dis)ability, ethnicity/race, gender, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy/maternity, national origin, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Compensation and benefits:
    供应商应提供符合任何适用法律的工资和福利, 和当地流行的习俗相匹配.
  • Hours of work:
    Suppliers shall ensure that their employees are not required to work more than the local legal limits on regular and overtime hours.
  • Freedom of association:
    Suppliers shall recognize and respect the right of their employees to freely associate and collectively bargain within the boundaries of the applicable law.
  • Humane treatment:
    Suppliers shall treat their employees with respect and dignity and provide a work environment free of harassment, intimidation and bullying. 供应商应保护员工对商业行为的关注.
  • Health and safety:
    Suppliers shall provide a safe and healthy working environment in order to prevent workplace accidents and illness. 这也应适用于其员工的住宅设施,如果供应商提供.

4. Communication and Monitoring

  • 本公司期望供应商采取适当措施将本守则传达给其管理人员, directors, employees, agents, 分包商及其他代表.
  • 供应商应允许PDG根据要求和合理通知进行合规检查.
  • Suppliers shall promptly notify PDG of any circumstances affecting compliance with or breaches of this Code including those involving their officers, directors, employees, agents, 分包商及其他代表.

5. Event of Violation

如果供应商违反本政策, PDG may require the Supplier to implement a corrective action plan to cure the non-compliance within a specified time period. 如果供应商未能履行纠正行动计划的承诺, PDG可能终止当前和未来的业务关系, including, but not limited to, 取消PDG和供应商之间的所有现有订单. PDG reserves the right to hold the Supplier responsible for reasonable costs of investigating any non- compliance.

6. Declaration