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This is the Website of PDG.

Your privacy and the security of your information are very important to us. 本隐私政策适用于PDG运营的网站(统称为沙巴体育正规网址的“网站”). 它解释了沙巴体育正规网址如何收集您的信息,以及您在使用和披露此类信息方面的选择. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. 除非在使用条款中约定或在本隐私政策中披露, we will not sell, share, license, trade or rent your personal information collected on our Website to others.

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. 沙巴体育正规网址将在网站上公布本隐私政策的任何更改,新隐私政策将在公布之日生效. Please refer back to this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. By using our Website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by our Website. We are not responsible for the privacy of the information you reveal, allow access to or post in any public forum.

What Information We Collect
沙巴体育正规网址收集两种类型的信息:个人可识别信息和非个人可识别信息. 沙巴体育正规网址的服务提供商也将大规模聚合客户数据作为其一般业务实践的一部分. Such aggregated data is used to identify and analyze trends to improve our systems and to create derivative materials that may be marketed to potential clients and used to service current clients; it does not contain your personally identifiable information.

Personally Identifiable Information
个人身份信息是指识别您并可用于识别或联系个人的信息(“个人身份信息”). Such Personally Identifiable Information may include name, address, email, telephone number, birth date and other non-public information. If we collect Personally Identifiable Information, except as agreed to under the terms of our contract with you, if applicable, we will not sell, share, license, 交易或出租您的个人身份信息(本隐私政策规定的除外). 当数据被聚合时,沙巴体育正规网址在使用之前删除所有个人身份信息.

We may disclose Personally Identifiable Information to attorneys, collection agencies, 或执法部门来处理可能违反沙巴体育正规网址的可接受使用政策的情况, other contract violations or illegal behavior. 沙巴体育正规网址披露法院命令要求的任何信息,或法律要求的其他信息,或为防止对人员或财产的迫在眉睫的伤害.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information
We also may collect information that cannot be used to identify or contact you, such as demographic information (e.g., age, profession, gender or reason for call) and physical information (area of call, general customer type). Non-Personally Identifiable Information may also include user IP address, browser types, 通过使用沙巴体育正规网址的网站收集用户信息而产生的域名和其他匿名统计数据. 非个人身份信息用于帮助沙巴体育正规网址更好地了解可能使用沙巴体育正规网址的商品或服务的企业的特征. 沙巴体育正规网址使用收集和汇总的信息来改进和营销沙巴体育正规网址的产品和服务给您和其他企业. 如果沙巴体育正规网址将任何非个人身份信息与个人身份信息联系起来, 沙巴体育正规网址将视该等信息为个人身份信息,并仅根据本隐私政策使用该等信息.

Information from Other Sources
沙巴体育正规网址也可能从其他来源补充沙巴体育正规网址所收集的信息,以协助沙巴体育正规网址提供沙巴体育正规网址的商品和服务. In addition, 沙巴体育正规网址可以使用这些补充信息来评估和改进沙巴体育正规网址的商品和服务,并确定您的偏好,以便沙巴体育正规网址可以根据您的需要定制沙巴体育正规网址的网站和商品和服务. 沙巴体育正规网址从其他来源获得的信息,以及与您的信息一起编辑的信息,是PDG的独家财产.

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information
We use various data security tools to protect Personally Identifiable Information. Unfortunately, even with these measures, we cannot guarantee the security of Personally Identifiable Information. By using our Website, you acknowledge and agree that we make no such guarantee, and that you use our Website at your own risk.

Where and When Is Information Collected on Our Website
沙巴体育正规网址可能会在沙巴体育正规网址的网站中以不同的方式、在不同的地点和时间收集有关您的信息(包括个人身份信息). 以下是沙巴体育正规网址主要收集您信息的领域和/或方式的描述.

Becoming a Registered User
We may ask that you complete certain steps to become a registered user of the Website. In such instance, 您可能会被要求向沙巴体育正规网址提供信息(包括个人身份信息),例如您的个人信息或您公司的个人信息(e.g. name, business address, email address and information regarding your business).

Cookies and Action Tags
沙巴体育正规网址也可能通过沙巴体育正规网址的网站使用cookies和行动标签被动地收集非个人身份信息. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer in order to identify: (i) your Web browser; (ii) the activities of your computer on our Website; and (iii) your activity in connection with our marketing and promotional efforts.

Cookies may be used to: (i) personalize your experience on our Website (e.g. to dynamically generate content on web pages specifically designed for you); (ii) assist you in using our services (e.g. to save you time by not having to reenter your name upon each visit to our Website); and (iii) allow us to statistically monitor how you are using our Website for purposes of improving our offerings.

We also may use cookies to conduct marketing and promotional efforts, tailor certain advertisements to your browser that we think may be of interest to you, or to determine the popularity of certain content.

You do not have to accept cookies to use our Website; however, you may not be able to use certain offerings, features or resources of our Website if you do not accept cookies. Although most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, 您可以重置浏览器,以便在收到cookie时通知您,或者通常拒绝cookie. Most browsers offer instructions on how to do so in the Help section of the toolbar.

Action tags, also known as web beacons or gif tags, are a web technology used to help track website usage information, such as how many times a specific page has been viewed. Action tags are invisible to you, 本网站的任何部分或代表沙巴体育正规网址发送给您的电子邮件可能包含与沙巴体育正规网址网站上的操作标签相关的cookie. Unlike cookies, action tags are not placed on your computer.


If you do not want to receive email from us in the future, please let us know by emailing us at

如果您在网上向沙巴体育正规网址提供您的邮寄地址,沙巴体育正规网址可能会定期向您邮寄有关新产品和服务或即将举行的活动的信息. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by emailing us at the email address above.

在网上向沙巴体育正规网址提供电话号码的人士,可能会收到沙巴体育正规网址的电话联络,提供有关新产品和服务或即将举行的活动的信息. If you do not wish to receive such telephone calls, please let us know by contacting us through our Contact page.