Privacy policy

This is PDG。

We value user privacy and information security。This Privacy Policy applies to Websites operated by PDG (collectively, the "Sites")。Does the privacy policy explain how we collect user information and users' choices in the use and disclosure of that information。Please read this policy carefully。We do not sell, share, license, trade or rent the personal information we collect through the Site to others except as described in the "Terms of Use" or privacy Policy。

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time。After the changes are made, we will post the changes on our website and the new Privacy Policy will take effect on the date of release。Please check the contents of the privacy Policy regularly。By using our site, users agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy。

The Privacy Policy applies only to information collected through our website。We assume no responsibility for the privacy of information you disclose, authorize access to, or post on any public forum。

What information do we collect
We collect two types of information: identifying information and non-identifying information。Our service provider also collects and analyzes customer data in batches, which is a routine business operation。此类汇总数据将用于判断和分析趋势,以改进沙巴体育正规网址的系统,并创建衍生材料,用于向潜在客户进行营销,或为现有客户提供服务;这些数据不包含您的Identifying information。

Identifying information
Identifying information means information that can be used to identify you and can be used to identify or contact individuals (" Identifying Information ")。Such identifying information may include name, address, email, phone number, date of birth and other non-public information。If we collect user identifying information, we do not sell, share, license, trade or rent your identifying information, except as otherwise stipulated in the terms of our contract with you, if applicable, or as expressly stated in our Privacy policy。We delete all identifying information before we aggregate the data。

We may disclose identifying information to attorneys, collecting agencies or law enforcement agencies in the event of a possible violation of our Use Policy or other breach of contract or violation of the law。We disclose information as required by the court or other legal requirements, or in emergency situations to prevent injury to person or property。

Non-identifying information
We may also collect information that cannot be used to identify or contact the user, such as demographic information (such as age, occupation, gender, or reason for the call), physical information (call area, general type of customer)。Non-identifying information may also include other anonymous statistical information collected through users' use of our sites, such as users' IP addresses, browser types, domain names and other data。Non-identifying information is used to help us better understand the characteristics of businesses that use our products or services。We use the information we collect and aggregate to improve and promote our products and services for you and other businesses。When non-identifying information is associated with identifying information, we will treat such information as identifying information and use such information in accordance with the relevant provisions of our Privacy Policy。

Information collected from other sources
We may also use information collected from other sources as a supplement to help us better provide products and services to our customers。In addition, we may use this supplementary information to evaluate and improve our products and services, as well as to understand users' preferences, in order to customize the Site, products and services according to users' needs。Information we collect from other sources, or aggregate with information about the site's users, is entirely owned by PDG。

Protect identifying information
We employ a variety of data security tools to protect personally identifiable information。Even so, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of identifying information。By using our website, users understand and agree that we do not provide such warranties。Users use the Site at their own risk。

When and where does our website collect information
We may collect user information (including identifying information) through our website in different ways, at different times and locations.。The following are the main ways and contents that we collect user information。

Become a registered user
We may require the user to complete certain steps when registering。In this case, the user may need to provide us with information, including identifying information, such as the user's personal or corporate information (such as name, company address, email address and business information)。

Cookie and action tags
We may also passively collect non-identifying information through cookies and action tags on various pages of the site。Cookie 是放置在用户计算机上的一个小文本文件,用于识别:(i)用户的网络浏览器;(ii)用户的计算机在沙巴体育正规网址网站上的活动;以及(iii)用户在沙巴体育正规网址的营销和推广活动中的活跃程度。

Cookies can be used to :(I) provide users with a personalized web browsing experience (e.g,在网页上动态生成用户的专属内容);(ii)协助用户使用沙巴体育正规网址的服务(例如,You don't have to re-enter your username every time you visit a site,从而节省时间);以及(iii)监测统计用户使用网站的统计数据,To improve our products and services。

We may also use cookies for marketing and promotion, to customize the browser interface to display ads that we believe users may be interested in, or to identify the popularity of certain content。

用户不接受 Cookie 也可使用沙巴体育正规网址的网站;但是,这样一来,用户可能无法使用沙巴体育正规网址网站的某些产品、功能或资源。Although most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, users can reset to be reminded when they receive cookies or reject them altogether。Most browsers have instructions on how to do this in the toolbar "Help" section。

Action tags, also known as Web beacons or GIF tags, are web technology used to track web usage information, such as counting the number of visits to a particular page。Action marks are not visible to users, and any page on our Website, or any part of the email sent to users by the Website on our behalf, may contain cookies associated with action marks on our Website。Unlike cookies, action markers are not placed on the user's computer。

We may, from time to time, have different third parties track usage of the Site through action markers on our Site or in our advertising on other sites。

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If you provide us with a mailing address online, you may receive regular mail about new products, new services, and recent events。If you do not wish to receive such emails, please inform us through the above email address。

If you provide us with your phone number online, you may receive a call from us to introduce you to new products, services or recent events。If you do not wish to receive such calls, please let us know via the Contact us page。