The number and size of HTML5 banners considering the package, every size in a different folder. In the folder there is a zip file, which you can directly upload to your adwords account. You also get the help materials, which you can later edit with Photoshop, Fireworks or Gimp.

With animated banners doing higher CTR, leading to more customer.

Yes, we do give up to 50% off to advertisement agencies and Google partners as a condition of long-time cooperation, and the handover of the creative in psd format.

We make static banners according to agreement, also in individual size, as the customer requests.

No, we can produce any sizes, even one piece according to a separate agreement.

You can select which package you like, click on the order button, where you will find a form, which you have to fill, and then you can upload the pictures from your computer. We need the logo, picture and text, and where to direct the visitor from the advertisement.

When we get the submitted materials, we make 3 static pictures in one working day, in one size, we place it on a special platform, where you can select the one you like the most. Then we make the finalization, from there we need 3-5 working days (depending on the package) to make the banners, but you can have it faster, which has an additional 10% extra price.

You have to draw up which part you do not like, and we correct it. You will have these possibilities: relocating the diagrams, correcting the animation. It is important, to indicate your requests before the finalization, because after that it has an extra cost.

It can be a maximum of 30 seconds, but we usually advise 15 seconds, and after that the animation starts again. But there are systems where the loop is not allowed.

When you select the one you like the most from 3 creatives, we make an animation, and then you can finalize your order!You can pay by card through PayPal but you can also choose bank transfer.

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