How a good banner works?

Some good pieces of advices for a good banner:

Defining the target group


One of the most important thing in marketing is defining the target group, what we can do based on age, education, but it is very important, to define their activity, area of interest, segment, their problems and interests.

Banner anatomy


The sizes are also important. When defining the target group, we have to take into account, what kind of devices they use, cell phone, tablet, or PC. This matters when selecting the banners size.


We also have to take in account the size of the file, because the size of banners used on Google Adwords Display is maximalized in 150 KB. The extension is also matters, for the flash format is not playable on Apple devices and more and more browsers block them. The best alternative is the HTML5 system, because it can be displayed on every platforms, as we designed it.


The animated banner has also many requirements, the first is, that the animation cannot be longer than 30 seconds, and animations can repeat.


In the content is only worth to place a perfect picture with high definition, an obscure, low definition picture generates aversion in the users. When somebody looks at the advertisement, she/he has to know, that that is an advertisement, it has to be differ from the website. You also have to avoid the system message-like advertisements. The advertisement has to lead to a page, which is relevant with the banner, and not leading to a 404 or a half ready site. The webpage must meet law regulations, like data protect laws, and must contain the law required terms of use. The Google Adwords has many content requirements, which can lead to the rejection of the displays of the advertisement.

Banner anatomy


A banner contains text, a picture and color. Try to design a banner using the contrast that way, that the user could make a difference between the contents and informations. We can make contrast by using different colors, sizes, and lettering.


Repeating and evenness help to harmonize the banner. This can be reached in different ways: use the same lettering, size, same contrast, color, graphic elements (triangle, ball, etc.)


Random placement of graphical elements can give a negligent and inefficient impression. Try to place a text in the middle, and use the same size, color and breaking when generating an other text. So we can get a clear and unified advertisement, and will give the users a good impression.

The view of the advertisement


Our brain can process a picture 60 000 times faster than a text. Use a high definition and relevant picture. The picture has to reflect the relationship with the target group, place happy people in the advertisement.


Do not forget, that an advertisement raises the reputation of a brand at the same time. Place the product and the logo of the company in the appropriate place and pay attention to the company’s color.

Advertisement offer


The advertisement should contain an offer. The user will have the following questions: Do I need it? Why should I buy it? These are the exciting question we have to answer, to ha her/his attention and openness for our service or product. In the advertisement we have to explain shortly and clearly, what we are doing, and how our product will solve the user’s problem, raise her/his comfort. The advertisement always has to be interesting and calling for a click, as this is the first step of a acquisition process.

Call to action


The user sees the advertisement, but if she/he sees also the offer, it is not sure that she/he will going to click on the advertisement. So in a case of a good offer for them, tell them what to do.

The click here for more information sounds good, but it can be enhanced by telling them what to do on our homepage, because the banners primary goal is to attract people. For example if we have a prize game, give information how to participate, or how to win it, in case of a web shop buy it or order it now, in case of traveling book it now.


In the last sentence there was an emergency sing, the now. It is important to highlight, that we do not want anybody to miss our offers, so we urge the user a bit. We have to do this very carefully, because a user, how is still thinking about taking our offer can be frightened away.

Let’s see a concrete example: 20% off, buy it now, or 20% off by the end of the weekend, which one sounds better?

The principle of persuasion


How can we persuade the user, that she/he needs our product or service?

There is a very easy way: others use it, more than a thousand satisfied customer, celebrities use it. The reaction is the following: if this is good for others, i am sure it is going to be good for me also.

An other example of persuasion, is creating values with our product. Why is it interesting? For example it is exclusive: we have only one box left.


An other example is, when the product is being examined by the authorities, or a magazine tested it. It really matters, and makes the product valuable for them.

An other type of persuasion in a free sample or gift. The future customer will have the feeling, the the product is convincing, and important for the customer, because she/he ever got a gift- in the spirit of reciprocity.

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