HTML5 banner

What kind of banner can be made based on HTML5?


Almost every kind of movements can be set, disappearing, swimming in, turning in on a given object, which can be a picture, text or even a form. We can also set the speed of moving, or a fading can be set before the repeat of the animation.

Embedding a video

Every kind of youtube videos can be embedded in a HTML5 banner, let it be a 30 second long advertisement or a 5 minutes long video without any problems. Do not forget, that a video can contain a lot of information, and is a more effective way of advertising a product or service.

Of course we can use sight catching effects, independent from the embedding.

Image gallery

A HTML5 banner gives us a lot of opportunity to catch the future customers attention.They say, that a picture worth more than a hundred words! Making a picture gallery can attract even more attention on the product, or can display more products, which can make the pre-purchase decision easier. The pictures can be moved with the cursor, and a navigational tool can also be inbuilded.

Every kind of movement, background effect, text or diagram can be displayed independently from the picture gallery.

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